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Every time you book a tour with us, you support reforestation projects and social actions.

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If you don't find what you are looking for on our website, don't worry, we have a wide range of additional excursions at your disposal.

Contact us and discover a world of possibilities for your next adventure. From exciting water activities to unforgettable experiences on land, we're here to make your trip exceptional.


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La Gomera
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About Eco Tours Tenerife

Find out who we are at Eco Tours Tenerife and learn about our history! Click to meet the team behind our project. Explore our vision and the values that define and distinguish us.

We do things in a unique way

Our principles always come before profit. When selecting activities, we prioritise respect for our ethics over financial gain.

No worries

We filter for you and promote responsible and passionate suppliers with high standards of legality, sustainability and quality.

Generating positive impact

For every sale, we donate to environmental and social projects, reducing the impact of our activities.

15 years of accumulated experience in the sector

The perfect combination: Nico's in-depth knowledge and Laeti's passion for her adopted island.

Personalised attention

We tailor our exceptional service to your needs and preferences.

Your choice matters!

Explore our "Sustainability" section and discover all the great things we do.

We love to promote responsible tourism, follow the Sustainable Development Goals and donate to environmental projects.

We are happy to inspire and empower you to travel with respect and make a positive difference at every step. Together, we can create a fairer and sustainable future in Tenerife.

News & Events

Keep up to date through our "News and events" section. Discover our programmed activities and access the island's calendar of events.

Discover Tenerife

If you do not know what to do in TenerifeExplore our section "Discover Tenerife", we reveal the secrets of this incredible island. Explore the emblematic places that make it unique, learn about its history and marvel at its natural diversity, its geology and its unique wildlife. You will also find information about its culture, traditions and delicious gastronomy.

Because to truly appreciate Tenerife, you have to know it in all its essence.


"I love the ocean and this company will exceed your expectations. Great service and showed me places I'd never seen before in the 20 years I've lived on the island. Highly recommended for residents and tourists who are looking for an adventure".
Jamie, UK
"Private 4-hour sailing tour. Fantastic activity with our baby and little dog. Flawless organization, excellent food, cava, heading to Los Gigantes. Whales, dolphins, promise fulfilled. It's great to find a French-speaking and friendly contact. Thank you, Laetitia, for arranging everything for us. We'll be back for more activities!"
France, Belgium

"The trails that Laeti and Nico organised for us were really interesting and fun. We learned a lot about our island and discovered new and amazing places. Their kindness and dedication to coordinate everything was exceptional. We loved the experience and will definitely repeat in the future".
Raquel & Yerai, Tenerife



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