An Endangered Endemic Treasure

Tenerife is home to a wonder of nature: the Giant Tenerife Lizard (Gallotia intermedia). Here are some important facts about this species.


The Giant Tenerife Lizard stands out for its imposing size, reaching up to half a metre in length. It is one of the largest lizards in Europe. It has a robust head and its skin is mottled with yellow spots. Its limbs and long tail give it agility to move in different habitats. In good conditions, this reptile can live for more than 40 years.

Habitat and food

This diurnal animal has adapted to different ecosystems, including coastal and mountainous areas. It feeds mainly on insects, fruits and local vegetation.

Threats and conservation

Unfortunately, the Tenerife Giant Lizard is in danger of extinction due to threats such as human pressure, invasive species and habitat destruction. However, thanks to conservation efforts, it has experienced a significant recovery. Today it occupies a tiny fraction of its original distribution: it can be found on the sea cliffs of two protected natural areas: the Teno Rural Park and the Montaña de Guaza Natural Monument.

Protection and awareness-raising measures

Actions are being implemented to preserve its natural habitat and control invasive species. In addition, awareness programmes are carried out to highlight the importance of protecting this unique species. Education and awareness-raising play a key role in the conservation plan.

Results and call for action

Thanks to joint efforts, the Tenerife Giant Lizard continues to be an integral part of Tenerife's natural heritage. However, support and care are still required to ensure its long-term survival.