Imagine the joy that fills the streets of Adeje in January! The 20th of January is a special day, where San Sebastián, together with the Virgen de la Encarnación and Santa Úrsula, invites us to a festivity that goes beyond the religious.

This feast, which has grown over time, attracts people from all over the island of Tenerife, making it a unique event not to be missed if you're wondering what to do in Tenerife in January. If you are planning your visit to the island at this time of year, make sure you don't miss out on this unique experience.

Community Participation: A Celebration for All

The San Sebastián Fair is not just a feast; it is a gathering where different generations converge and bonds of friendship and coexistence are woven. From the youngest children to the grandparents, each member of the community participates actively, creating a unique atmosphere of unity and joy.

Unforgettable Events: Traditions that Leave a Mark

Water Procession: Devotion and Equestrian Spectacle

The day begins with a special mass that marks the start of the Water Procession. Brave horsemen surprise the audience by leading their majestic horses into the sea. This act is not only a gesture of devotion, but also an equestrian spectacle that leaves everyone in awe.

Paseo Romero: A Parade of Animal Diversity

The Paseo Romero, a colourful parade through the streets of Adeje, showcases the animal diversity of the island. From oxen to camels, this parade is a charming representation of the relationship between the people of Tenerife and their furry friends. The Plaza de San Sebastian comes alive as the parish priest blesses these four-legged companions.

Culture and Gastronomy: Local Flavours at the Centre of the Celebration

In addition to the events, the Fiesta de San Sebastian immerses participants in the rich culture and gastronomy of Tenerife. Lively music, traditional dances and handcrafted products fill the streets, creating a festive atmosphere that invites everyone to immerse themselves in the authentic Tenerife.

From the delicious papas arrugadas con mojo to the unique taste of gofio, the local gastronomy is an experience in itself. The stalls around the hermitage offer authentic Canarian delicacies that awaken the senses and allow visitors to taste the true essence of the island.

Living History: Devotion that Comes from Afar

The San Sebastian Fair in Adeje stands as a historical treasure that dates back to the early years of the 16th century, in a place of worship that predates even the Conquest. Over the centuries, this celebration has undergone a fascinating adaptation to changing customs, becoming a unique amalgam of tradition and contemporaneity.

From its humble beginnings, devotion to San Sebastián has grown remarkably among the farmers and stockbreeders of Adeje, as well as throughout the island of Tenerife. The epicentre of this veneration is to be found in the old hermitage, where the statue of San Sebastián has been the witness and protagonist of countless miracles over the years.

The image of San Sebastián in the old Ermita has been a beacon of hope for those seeking healing, consolation or to fulfil promises. Even today, many people turn to this venerated saint in the hope of a speedy recovery from their ailments or to ask for special favours. The connection between the community and the image of San Sebastián in Adeje is more than a tradition; it is a spiritual bond that has stood the test of time.

The history of this festivity is not only a tale of devotion, but also a chronicle of the cultural evolution of Adeje and the island as a whole. Each generation has added chapters to this narrative, enriching the celebration with new layers of meaning and further entrenching the San Sebastián Fair in the collective identity of the community. It is a legacy that transcends the pages of time, fusing the past with the present in a celebration rooted in the very essence of Tenerife.

Practical Information: Prepare for the Celebration


Playa El Veril - Ermita de La Encarnación C. la Enramada, 10, 38679 Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Transport and Accommodation

If you plan to attend the event, it is advisable to plan your arrival in advance. Adeje is accessible by car or public transport, and booking your accommodation in advance guarantees a comfortable stay during the festive experience.

Clothing and Timetables

Wear comfortable clothes, but the addition of festive elements is always welcome. The day starts early, so don't miss the water procession and the rpaseo romero, two key moments of the festival that capture the essence of the celebration.

Local Gastronomy

You can't miss the local delicacies on offer at the stalls around the old hermitage. From traditional dishes to more contemporary options, the feast is an opportunity to delight your palate with authentic Canarian cuisine.

Get ready for a unique experience at the San Sebastián Fair in Adeje and discover the real Tenerife in January. From exciting events to rich history and community involvement, this feast offers a complete insight into the culture and life on the island. We invite you to join the celebration and immerse yourself in the magic of Tenerife at this vibrant January event!