16th July 2024: Celebrate with the sailors the Fiestas in Honour of the Virgen del Carmen and San Telmo in Puerto de la Cruz.

In the enclave of Puerto de la Cruz, one of the most eagerly awaited celebrations of the year is approaching: the festivities in honour of the Virgen del Carmen and San Telmo, patron saint of sailors. On 16 July 2024, the inhabitants and visitors of this coastal town will come together to pay homage and enjoy a unique cultural experience full of colour, music and tradition.

A brief history of the festivities of the Virgen del Carmen and San Telmo in Puerto de la Cruz

These Fiestas have deep roots in the seafaring and religious tradition of Puerto de la Cruz. For centuries, the local fishermen have venerated the Virgin as their protector and have celebrated this festivity with devotion and joy. Over the years, the celebration has been transformed into a festive experience that attracts people from all over the world.

The festive atmosphere

The streets of the city are filled with life and joy. The festive atmosphere is contagious among the people, who wear traditional costumes and carry images of the Virgen del Carmen and San Telmo in processions through the city. Traditional music, folk dances and decorations create a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

Maritime procession

One of the highlights of the festivities is the maritime procession. The fishermen and citizens decorate the boats with flowers, flags and lights. The images of the Virgin and the Saint are carried in procession from their hermitage to the beach of the fishing dock. From there, they are placed on boats decorated with flowers, flags and lights, and set out to sea. Fishing boats and other vessels follow the Virgin and the Saint, creating a unique parade.

Cultural activities and entertainment

In addition to religious celebrations, the festivities offer a wide range of cultural activities and entertainment for all tastes. Concerts, dance performances, artistic exhibitions and sporting competitions are held in various parts of the city. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the local gastronomy, taste typical dishes and dance to the rhythm of traditional Canarian music.

Planning your visit

If you want to sleep there, make sure you book accommodation well in advance, as demand is high during these dates.

One of the most convenient parking areas is the car park near the fishing pier. This is a strategic location, as it is where the maritime procession and other major events of the festivities take place. However, be aware that during the festivities, parking availability may be limited. Therefore, it is recommended to arrive early to secure a spot. Remember that during the festivities, especially on busy days, there may be traffic restrictions and changes to the usual routes due to events and celebrations.

Puerto de la Cruz has a good public transport network. You can get there by bus from other parts of Tenerife. Check the timetables and bus routes to plan your journey according to your needs. Puerto de la Cruz bus station is conveniently located in the city centre. More info: https://www.titsa.com/index.php/en/

Another option for getting to Puerto de la Cruz is to take a taxi. Taxis are widely available on the island and can take you directly to your destination. You can find taxi ranks at different points in the city, including the area near the fishing pier, where the festivities take place.