At TenerifEco Tours, we firmly believe that small actions can make big changes for the planet, here are some tips to help you make a positive impact on the environment and become a green champion!

  • Stay hydrated without harming the planet. Choose refillable water bottles instead of disposable ones.
  • Protect your skin and marine life. Choose eco-friendly sunscreens to avoid polluting the ocean with harmful chemicals.
  • Keep the environment clean and pristine. Say no to littering, including cigarette butts. Also remember that food waste can attract unwanted visitors such as rats and stray cats, endangering local wildlife.
  • The ocean is not your dumping ground. Don't throw objects or waste into the sea. Let's keep the waters clear and free of waste.
  • Be an animal lover. Show respect for local wildlife by not disturbing (keeping your distance) or feeding them. If you see an injured animal, call the emergency number 112 to get help.
  • Leave only footprints and carry memories (and maybe some sand in your shoes).
  • Let's also respect the flowers and plants, they are part of Tenerife's natural beauty. If you are hiking, follow the trail signs. Staying on designated paths ensures that the natural environment remains intact and that you are safe on your adventure.
  • Don't be a rock thief. Leave stones and other natural elements where you found them. Building "towers" of stones may look like fun, but it damages the environment and ruins the landscape.
  • Go green when it comes to accommodation. Look for environmentally friendly options that have implemented sustainable practices, such as recycling, water conservation and the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Try to recycle: yellow bins are for plastics, blue bins for paper and cardboard and black bins for non-recyclable waste - easy!
  • When you leave your accommodation, turn off the lights. In general, try to use less water and energy during your trip.
  • Favour local businesses for your shopping and sightseeing. And don't forget to try the delicious typical Canarian food.