Nomads Special - Canyoning and Rappelling for Beginners in Secret Places of Tenerife

Your Experience Starts Now

A day in nature 🦋

Explore Tenerife in a Unique Way

  • Accompanied by an expert guide, you will immerse yourself in the adventure of canyoning in Tenerife.
  • With helmet, harness and ropes, you will learn the technique of rappelling on a route designed for beginners.
  • Experience strong emotions in a small group, guaranteeing fun and safety.

Quality Equipment ⛑️

Your guide provides all the necessary equipment: helmet, harness, ropes and more. Your only task will be to enjoy the experience.

Why canyoning in Tenerife?

  • To discover the spectacular geography of the island.
  • Get to know secret and remote places, away from the crowds.
  • Feel the excitement and connection with nature.
  • Explore the island in a unique way.
  • Experience unforgettable moments in breathtaking landscapes.

Discover the Barrancos

Option 1: Los Arcos Canyon 🐐

  • Dry canyon
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • One of the most famous and beautiful canyons of the island.
  • Rappels of less than 20 metres.
  • Near La Orotava, north of the island.
  • Guaranteed fun amidst volcanic ash walls

Option 2: Albarderos Canyon🌳

  • Dry canyon
  • Beginner-medium level.
  • Exciting rappels, not difficult.
  • Landscape of pine forest, broom and endemic flora.
  • Located in Arico, southeast of the island.
  • End in a recreational area ideal for picnics.

Tenerife, Island of Canyons

Natural Wonders of Tenerife

Tenerife's spectacular geography is home to a network of ravines that are true natural gems. Between mountains and valleys, you will discover a unique world of endemic flora and fauna, accessible only to the adventurous. 🌺

Canyons, Guardians of the Natural Balance

These canyons not only offer adventure, but play a crucial role. They are natural conduits that allow water to flow, creating unique habitats and sustaining the island's biodiversity. 🌿

From: 66,00 

Due to frequent updates in the availability of our partners, the chosen date may not be available at the time of booking. But don't worry! If this happens, we will quickly propose another available date. While we request card details to authorize the reservation, no charge will be made until we have confirmed all the details.


4 to 5 hours

Variable days depending on conditions

Min 11 years

Level of sustainability

Los Arcos (La Orotava) or Albarderos (Arico)




Max. 8 persons (additional persons possible, please call us)

Level: easy to moderate


Specialist guide

Liability insurance

Approved canyoning equipment

Not included


Food & Beverages

Personal travel/accident insurance

Useful Info

  • Location: we adapt to weather conditions but normally it will be the canyon chosen during the booking.
  • When: around 9am at the meeting point. You will receive the details with time and place by message. We ask participants to be at the meeting point at least 10 minutes before the start of the activity.
  • The duration is an estimate and may vary depending on the number of people in the group, the pace and the difficulty of the activity.
  • Our recommendation is that you dedicate that day to adventure so that you can enjoy it to the fullest without rushing or worrying.
  • Before booking the experience, please let us know if you have any allergies, particular conditions or physical limitations.
  • Suitable for children over 11 years of age (children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with permission).
  • This activity must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. Last minute plan? Give us a quick call at +34641949732 and you could get a place!

What should I bring?

  • The weather in Tenerife is very variable. Always carry water (min 1.5L), nuts or chocolate, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, a coat and hiking shoes or hiking boots.

Policy modification & cancellation:

  • If you want to modify the date of the activity, changes are possible depending on the guide's availability.
  • 100% refund of the total amount of the booking in case of cancellation at least 72 hours activity.
  • Penalty of 100% of the total amount of the booking in case of cancellation within 72 hours prior to the activity.
  • If there is a case of unsuitable weather conditions or force majeure beyond the control of the service provider that prevents the correct provision of the service, a change of date will be proposed or 80% of the total amount of the booking will be refunded.
  • In case of non-arrival at the agreed time at the meeting point, the absence of the client will be considered as a cancellation of the contracted services, this being sufficient reason to apply the corresponding cancellation policy.
  • The guide reserves the right not to accept a participant in the activity in cases of clear signs of drunkenness, symptoms of being under the influence of drugs or not appearing to be in full use of his or her abilities.
  • The guide reserves the right not to accept a participant in the activity, if he/she is not wearing suitable footwear, water or equipment that is requested beforehand.
  • The guide reserves the right not to accept a participant in the activity if he/she suffers from an illness, allergy or pathology that endangers his/her life, the safety of the group or that has not been previously informed.

Who are they and what do they offer?

Alexis: Passionate Explorer from Tenerife

  • Childhood in Tenerife: As a child, Alexis explored the most remote corners of the island, connecting with the rock and the earth.
  • After adventures in the Pyrenees and Valencia, he returned to Tenerife to share his love of nature and canyoning with visitors.

Experience and Certifications

  • Full Career: Years of experience and certifications in trekking, canyoning, botany and environmental awareness.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Alexis guides you to discover the most remote corners, ensuring safe, educational and exciting adventures.

Exploration with Small Groups

  • Small groups for authentic and safe experiences.

Experiences for All Levels

  • Variety of activities: From hiking routes to canyoning and orientation days for groups.
  • Total adaptability: Excursions adjusted to your needs, guaranteeing activities for beginners and experts.