Sail at sunset: VIP tour on a private sailboat with cava

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🌅 Magical sunset sailing tour: Sail along the Teno-Rasca strip in search of fascinating marine animals while enjoying a unique show: watching the sunset from the serenity of the sea.

🐬 Whale watching: The archipelago is home to numerous species of cetaceans. The most common species are pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins, but we have the possibility of seeing other species such as fin whales, turtles or seabirds.

🌄 Sunset at Los Gigantes Cliffs: Admire the beauty of these impressive rock formations as the sun sets over the horizon, creating a unique and magical colourful spectacle.

💦 A guide specialised in cetaceans and the marine environment: Accompanied by an expert, learn about marine animals, geology and conservation.

🥂 Quality food: Enjoy a delicious snack of tasty tapas and refreshing drinks on board, with champagne/cava. 

From: 500,00 


2 hours

Every day (from June to September)

Level of sustainability

By boat from the port of The Giants




Maximum 9 people


Specialized Cetaceans Guide

Tapas - Drinks

Insurance RC & Passengers

Not included


Personal travel insurance

Useful Info

The departure time changes depending on the date. We will confirm the exact time after booking.

Place: Puerto Deportivo de Los Gigantes, Pier 1. See our FAQ for information about the Port.

In general they accept dogs under 5Kg harnessed and well behaved, under your responsibility. You have to ask for it in "Additional Information" on the Checkout page.

For private tours, there is no age limitation.

For safety reasons, the tour is not accessible to:

    • Persons weighing more than 130 Kg.
    • People with reduced mobility, recent operations or serious problems with your back and neck.

Safe tours: They provide life jackets on board for both adults and children, along with a type C first aid kit and a defibrillator (AED). The crew is trained in First Aid, including CPR and AED usage.

Snacks andrefreshing beverages include Dorada beer, soft drinks, white wine, and water (beverages are not unlimited, but they are generous).

If you tend to get seasick or have never sailed before, it's not a good idea to have an empty stomach as it can worsen motion sickness. It's better to snack lightly beforehand and avoid consuming too many liquids. You can also inquire at any pharmacy about 'Biodramina with caffeine' or 'Cinfamar with caffeine.' Be sure to read the instructions for proper use. Please note that this information is general in nature and should not replace consultation with a healthcare professional. We recommend consulting a doctor or pharmacist for personalized advice.

This activity has to be booked at least 24 hours in advance. Last minute plan? Call us on +3464641949732 and you might be able to get a place!

Contact us if you need a date or time that is not specified in the calendar.

If you prefer, you can also book a 3 hours : 4 hours.


What should I bring?

The climate in Tenerife, especially at sea, can be quite variable. We recommend bringing comfortable clothing, a light jacket, swimwear, a towel, a hat, high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, and snorkeling gear (if you don't have it, don't worry, we have it on board). Since everyone on the boat goes barefoot, flip-flops are the best choice for footwear.


Policy modification & cancellation:

  • If you want to change the date of the activity, changes are possible with 48 hours notice depending on the availability of the company.
  • 100% refund of the total amount of the reservation in case of cancellation more than 48 hours before the activity.
  • Penalty of 100% of the total amount of the booking in case of cancellation within 48 hours prior to the activity.
  • If there were adverse weather conditions or unforeseeable force majeure circumstances beyond the control of the provider that prevent the proper delivery of the service, an alternative date will be proposed, or a full refund of 100% of the reservation amount will be provided.
  • In the event of non-compliance with any of the restrictions, the company reserves the right to refuse admission, and no refund will be provided.
  • The minimum occupancy of the boat is 4 passengers, in case of not reaching the minimum, it may cancel the booking and will be offered an alternative date or a refund of the amount.
  • Out of respect for other people and in order to avoid delays on the following excursions, we demand punctuality and be at the meeting point in advance. After 5 minutes of the agreed departure time at the meeting point, the absence of the client will be considered as a cancellation of the contracted services, this being sufficient reason to apply the corresponding cancellation policy.

Who are they and what do they offer?

The crew:
  • Felix: High Seas Captain and Cetacean Guide certified by the Government of the Canary Islands. A Madrid native with expertise in oceanographic research and maritime conservation.
  • Katahisa: Graduate in Nautical Studies and Merchant Marine Pilot. High Seas Captain and Cetacean Guide certified by the Government of the Canary Islands.
  • Sara: Graduate in Tourism, Nature Guide, environmental communicator, and Cetacean Guide certified by the Government of the Canary Islands.
  • Jaime: Cetacean Guide and experienced Captain with extensive navigation experience on various types of vessels. Experience as a Marine Mammal Observer on research vessels (Geo Ranger & Nora B) in the North Sea and the English Channel.


Their trips:
  • Private Tours and shared in the zone of The Giants
  • Bavaria 46 Cruiser Sailboat: Sail on a stable and secure boat equipped with sunbathing and shaded areas for your utmost comfort.
  • Tasting delicious food: selection of tapas and drinks on board.
  • Anchor in one of the coves of Los Gigantes, where you can swim and snorkel.
  • Approach to sustainable and conservation: experience a unique sea while you learn about the conservation of the environment.

"I'm originally from Madrid and bring extensive experience in the field of navigation, including journeys throughout the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. I harmonize my passion for environmental conservation and animals with my proficient communication skills.

My prior experience working with various NGOs on ecosystem recovery and wildlife conservation has imbued me with the energy and dynamism to appreciate and respect the marine wildlife in the waters of Tenerife. I'll share my enthusiasm with you." Sara

Why did we select them?

  • Passion for the marine world: The crew is made up of experts who are passionate about teaching and protecting the marine environment while adhering to cetacean sighting regulations.
  • Environmental awareness: Promote education and environmental awareness in your team and customers.
  • Exceptional experience: They strive to provide a top quality service, taking care of every detail and keeping the vessels in perfect condition and to ensure a level of excellence constant.
  • Commitment to sustainability: This sustainable company was the first in the sector to obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification for whale watching and crewed services for marine excursions (certified by AENOR).
  • Partnerships for conservation:
    • Adhered to the Sustainability Charter of Turismo de Tenerife.
    • Members of ACEST, the Association for the Conservation of Cetaceans in the South of Tenerife.
    • Collaborate with organizations such as the Association Tonin, pilot whales of Tenerife, Whale Heritage Site and the World Cetacean Alliance.

Why Tenerife is a key location for the observation of cetaceans?

A marine sanctuary: The south west coast of Tenerife is home to a variety of cetacean species, both resident and migratory, that find refuge in these waters throughout the year.

Great biodiversity: The Teno-Rasca Marine Strip, situated in the southwest of Tenerife between Punta de Rasca and Punta de Teno, is renowned for its rich cetacean diversity in Europe. This region is home to the largest resident population of tropical pilot whales in Europe, along with various species of sea turtles and a diverse range of other marine creatures, including fin whales, various dolphin species, sperm whales, and more.

Global importance: In 2011, this area became the third worldwide and the first in Europe to be designated as a Special Area of Conservation, known for its unique features of marine life. It is also part of the Natura 2000 Network, which seeks to preserve habitats and species threatened in Europe.

International recognitions: The Teno-Rasca Area has been recognized as a 'Hope Spot' by Mission Blue and as a 'Whale Heritage Site' by the World Cetacean Alliance, highlighting its global significance.

Regulated activities: All leisure activities and professionals in this area are strictly regulated. The sighting of whales should be done in a sustainable way, respecting standards of speed, distance, duration of the sightings, and other measures to prevent any interference in the natural behavior of the animals. Abiding by these rules is essential to preserve the peace and well-being of cetaceans, ensuring an experience navy that is responsible and respectful.

Your choice matters: When you choose a company authorized and committed to the protection of the fauna, contribute to guarantee the respect of the rules of conservation in the Area of Teno-Rasca.

A sustainable future: The conservation of this protected area promotes the growth and the preservation of populations of whales, ensuring a healthy marine environment and promote harmony between human beings and marine life.