Astronomical photography workshop (4-6hours) with a specialised guide. Learn how to capture the stars in ideal conditions

Your Experience Starts Now

Workshop within Reach of All Photography Amateurs

  • In this 4-6 hour workshop, you learn how to capture the beauty of the universe with your camera while exploring the night sky in a unique environment.
  • You don't need to be an expert, with the right technique, you can take amazing photos.
  • The sky, although not completely motionless, changes at such a slow pace that it makes it a perfect subject.

Learn from an Expert

  • He teaches you how to capture the sky manually.
  • Controle timings, frame rates, ISO and aperture.
  • Learn the basics of how to orientate yourself in the sky.
  • Find out which objects are ideal for this type of photography.
  • In turn, you can take longer shots for less visible objects.
  • Alessandro will provide you with a "star tracker" (a device that automatically follows the movement of stars in the sky to obtain clear and detailed astronomical images) and will explain its use and advantages.

    From: 125,00 

    Due to frequent updates in the availability of our partners, the chosen date may not be available at the time of booking. But don't worry! If this happens, we will quickly propose another available date. While we request card details to authorize the reservation, no charge will be made until we have confirmed all the details.


    4 - 6 hours

    Teide NP - Masca - Other site according to preference

    EN, ES, ITA

    Moonless nights, see calendar

    Minimum age according to parents

    Maximum 4 pers.

    Level of sustainability


    Starlight Guide specialised in photography

    Liability insurance


    Star Tracker

    Not included




    Teide cable car

    Personal travel/accident insurance

    Recommended Equipment

    • It is necessary to have your own camera and know its basic use.
    • Using interchangeable optics is recommended, including a pair of bright lenses, wide-angle, and standard.
    • Carry a sturdy tripod.
    • He suggests using cameras with fairly large sensors, preferably full frame or apsc.
    • For optimal results, consider using lenses in the range of 10-12mm and 35-55mm for APS-C cameras, or 14-16mm and 50-85mm for full-frame cameras, with apertures preferably around f/2.8 or a maximum of f/4. You can even use a 100mm lens with an astro tracker.

    Useful Info

    Variety of Locations

    • Teide National Park, Masca Valley, Punta de Teno Lighthouse, and more.
    • The location is adapted to the season, climate and your preferences.
    • If you know the island, choose the place, and we'll be there!
    • Before booking the experience, please let us know if you have any allergies, particular conditions or physical limitations.
    • Timetables vary depending on the time of year and specific dates. Detailed information will be provided at the time of booking.
    • Please contact us if you need a date that is not indicated in the calendar.
    What should I bring?
    • Photographic equipment (see description).
    • The weather in Tenerife can be very variable and it can get very cold at night, especially in winter. We recommend that you take warm clothes (long trousers, jacket, if you have a hat and gloves even better) and closed shoes.
    • You can bring a snack or sandwich with you and we recommend that you bring water.


    Policy modification & cancellation:

    • If you want to modify the date of the activity, changes are possible depending on the guide's availability.
    • 100% refund of the total amount of the booking in case of cancellation at least 48 hours prior to the activity.
    • Penalty of 100% of the total amount of the booking in case of cancellation during the 48 hours prior to the activity.
    • If there is a case of force majeure beyond the control of the service provider or if weather conditions prevent the correct provision of the service, a change of date will be proposed or 100% of the total amount of the booking will be refunded.
    • Minimum 4 people to confirm the activity, in case of not reaching the minimum, the reservation may be cancelled and an alternative date or refund will be offered.
    • After 15 minutes of the agreed meeting time, the absence of the client will be considered as a cancellation of the contracted services, being this sufficient reason to apply the corresponding cancellation policy.

    The Canary Islands: A Unique Place for Astronomy

    Unique Location

    In the heart of the Atlantic, the Canary Islands offer exceptional astronomical conditions due to their privileged location in the middle of the ocean, close to the equator. 

    Mountain Spaces

    Peaks that rise largely above the Earth's atmosphere reduce atmospheric interference, providing a more stable and clearer view of the sky.

    Clear Skies

    Its mild and stable climate, with few clouds and low humidity, creates perfect nights for observation.

    Teide National Park: A Starlight Destination

    The Teide National Park has been distinguished as a Starlight Reserve, an official recognition awarded to places with exceptional night skies, ideal for stargazing.

    As a Starlight Reserve, the Teide National Park is committed to preserving the darkness of the sky and atmospheric clarity, minimising light pollution.

    Cutting-Edge Observatories

    The Canary Islands are home to world-renowned observatories, including the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory and the Teide Observatory. The latter is known for housing the impressive Gregor telescope, one of the most advanced solar telescopes in the world, designed to study the sun's activity in detail.

    Who are they and what do they offer?

    Alessandro & Antonella: Passionate about Astronomy and Astronomy Photography

    Since his childhood, astronomy has been Alessandro's passion. In 1995, he started volunteering at the observatory and planetarium in Bologna. Over the years, he has expanded his knowledge and is constantly discovering and learning.

    A Journey of Learning and Passion

    His path led him to explore astronomical photography, from hand-held cameras to the latest technologies. In 2022, he was awarded the title of "Stralight Monitor" by the Starlight Foundation, an organisation dedicated to the preservation of the night sky.

    Why Tenerife?

    Light pollution has darkened the skies over much of Europe. This is why Alessandro decided to move to Tenerife, home to one of the most beautiful and protected skies in the world. Here he can continue to share his passion, bringing astronomy closer to the people.

    A Personalised Perspective:

    The initiative that Alessandro has created in Tenerife offers an authentic space to immerse oneself in astronomy. Through a preference for small groups, interaction becomes the key, allowing each experience to be personalised to meet the curiosity and unique questions of each individual.

    Explore the Enigmas of the Universe

    Experience an authentic connection with the cosmos through Alessandro's exciting skywatching and astrophotography tours. From his hand, we guarantee that you will immerse yourself in the mysteries of the universe with awe and satisfaction.

    Why did we select them?

    Passion Without Limits: Alessandro is tirelessly passionate about astronomy. His dedication is palpable in every experience he shares.

    Expert in his Domain: With a deep knowledge and experience in the field, Alessandro stands out as an authority on the subject. His specialisation in photographing the universe adds a unique dimension to his stellar adventures.

    Quality equipment: Alessandro uses top-notch equipment that transcends simple observation. His tools allow us to enter the universe in unimaginable ways.

    Passionate Engineering: Being a mechanical engineer, Alessandro is not just content with the ordinary. He has a project to build an even bigger telescope, showing his constant search for challenges and perfection.

    Share with Enthusiasm: Alessandro takes his love of astronomy to another level by sharing it with others. His infectious passion makes the universe accessible and exciting for everyone.

    Friendly and Expert: The combination of friendliness and knowledge makes the experiences guided by Alessandro both educational and entertaining.

    Guardian of the Night Sky: As a Starlight guide, Alessandro is concerned about the preservation of the night sky and fights for its conservation.