Explore Tenerife sustainably with TenerifEco Tours, where excitement, adventure, and environmental consciousness converge in our one-of-a-kind experiences.

We collaborate with like-minded businesses that share our values, and we assess the sustainability of our partners to ensure the quality of our tours.

To offset the environmental impact of our excursions, we make proportional donations to non-profit foundations, aligning with the sustainability level of our activities.

But there's more! We take pride in adhering to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and lending our support to local initiatives.

Because small changes can make a big difference.

Together, let's build a better future for the next generations.

What actions do we take at TenerifEco Tours to minimize the impact of our activities?

1. Each tour sold includes a donation to non-profit foundations.

Your contribution makes a difference! For every excursion you purchase with us, we make a donation to non-profit organisations. Don't worry, this donation is included in the price of each tour and we guarantee the best prices for all our adventures.

Which organisations do we support?


This organisation is dedicated to the reforestation and conservation of our forests. With their hard work, they are creating a home for wildlife, preserving biodiversity and protecting natural resources. They identify suitable land and advise on the planning and implementation of forestry projects. Through reforestation, they educate and raise awareness about the valuable natural heritage of the Canary Islands. They also promote social inclusion by offering training and employment to the long-term unemployed.


This well-known organisation is committed to protecting and supporting the most vulnerable people. Its services cover a wide range of needs, from the provision of food, clothing and shelter for those in dire need, to specialised care programmes for the elderly and disabled. In crisis situations, such as natural disasters or health emergencies, they provide psychosocial support and immediate assistance. In addition, they provide first aid and health promotion training programmes to the community, thus strengthening society's capacity to respond to emergency situations.

How do we assess the environmental performance of our partners?

At TenerifEco Tours, we carefully evaluate the level of sustainability of our suppliers based on various criteria.

We consider factors such as the environmental impact of their activities, the use of motor vehicles and the distances travelled during excursions. We value the reduction of single-use plastic and proper waste management. We appreciate the environmental education and awareness among staff and customers, as well as the respect for the natural environment by the guides. In addition, we recognise the participation in or organisation of environmental protection events and the collection of rubbish during excursions. Finally, we take into account the possession of ecological certifications that demonstrate a certain commitment to ecology.

Another factor we evaluate is the social responsibility of the company, including the safety and wellbeing of its employees and customers, as well as its commitment to the local community. We value support for social and community programmes, collaboration with local businesses and the use of regional products.

Service excellence is another key factor for us. We only work with suppliers who are highly rated for customer satisfaction, offering exceptional attention and personalised services.

How much will we donate to the organisations?

The amount of our contributions varies depending on the sustainability rating of each excursion. If an activity receives a high rating, we will donate €0.30 for each tour sold. If the rating is lower, we will double our donation, giving €0.60 for each tour sold. We expect these donation amounts to gradually increase as our business grows and progresses positively. We want to ensure that our positive impact on non-profit organisations grows stronger over time.


Our donations will be made regularly via bank transfer and we will receive a certificate to support each transaction. We value transparency and enthusiastically share all our sustainable actions, including donations to non-profit foundations, on our social media and communication channels. We want you to be an active part of this process, keeping you informed and celebrating together the positive impact we can make.

2. We follow the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN

We are committed members of Biosphere Sustainable

Biosphere is dedicated to certifying that companies and destinations meet high standards of sustainability and continuous improvement, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Biosphere system was born in 1997 with the support of the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) and UNESCO.

Using the Biosphere methodology, entities around the world are advancing continuous improvement by following the 17 UN SDGs, COP21 guidelines and international summit principles.

We are proud to be part of this effort for a more sustainable world.

What are the SDGs?

The SDGs were created by the United Nations (UN) during the Sustainable Development Summit in 2015. They are a series of goals and commitments adopted by countries around the world to enhance the state of our planet and ensure a better future. They are like a set of important "tasks" that we must accomplish to solve global problems.

How many SDGs are there?

There are 17 SDGs in total. Each addresses a different challenge, from eliminating poverty and hunger to caring for the environment and ensuring good education for all.

What problems do they address?

The SDGs address the most urgent problems we face, such as poverty, inequality, climate change, lack of education, poor health and environmental degradation.

What do the SDGs do?

Each SDG has specific targets that countries aim to achieve by 2030. For example, the "End Poverty" SDG aims to ensure that all people have enough food, water and opportunities to live a life of dignity.

How are the SDGs implemented?

The SDGs involve governments, organisations, companies and people all over the world. Each country adapts the goals to its reality and creates plans and strategies to achieve them. We all have a role to play in achieving these goals. We can take actions such as reducing our environmental footprint, supporting social causes and participating in sustainable projects.

What are the SDGs followed by TenerifEco Tours?

Sustainable cities and communities

  • Support for social projects: through our donations, we support social projects in the communities we visit. 
  • Cultural tourism: we encourage cultural excursions that allow our visitors to immerse themselves in the cultural richness of the local community. We work with guides who promote cultural exchange to create relationships of mutual respect and understanding.
  • Local economy: we value and support the local economy by collaborating with local suppliers and artisans, promoting the purchase of traditional products.

Responsible Consumption and Production

  • We encourage environmental education among our customers to promote responsible practices.
  • We encourage the reduction of plastic consumption during the excursions, avoiding the use of disposable products and promoting sustainable alternatives, such as reusable or biodegradable packaging.
  • We collaborate with suppliers who follow responsible practices in the production and supply of products, prioritising those that adhere to sustainability standards.

Life Below Water

  • We only offer aquatic excursions that respect marine species and ocean ecosystems.
  • We promote sustainable practices in activities such as diving and whale watching.
  • Our goal is to educate about the importance of protecting and preserving underwater life in every experience.
  • We support marine conservation projects with our donations.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • We establish partnerships with suppliers committed to social responsibility and ethical treatment of their employees.
  • We contribute to the economic growth of local communities by promoting sustainable tourism and supporting social projects with donations.


Climate Action

  • For every excursion booked, we make a donation to foundations dedicated to reforestation and climate change adaptation initiatives
  • We offset the carbon emissions generated by our activities through our support for renewable energy and forest conservation projects.

Life on Land

  • We sell excursions that try to explore and enjoy nature without causing negative impacts.
  • We collaborate with companies whose activities are respectful of local ecosystems.
  • We collaborate and participate in clean-up and conservation events in natural areas to protect and preserve their beauty.

Partnerships for the Goals

    We believe in the power of partnerships to drive real change. We collaborate closely with businesses, organizations, and agencies of the tourism sector to maximize our influence.

    3. We are allies to Tenerife Tourism's Charter for Sustainability

    We are proud to adhere to the principles of the Tenerife Tourism's Charter for Sustainability. This charter is a beacon that guides our way towards responsible tourism practices. We are committed to:


    Promoting Transparency and Engagement

    We strive for continuous improvement, leading to long-term sustainable tourism.


    Valuing Conservation and Community

    We protect the environment by working closely with the local community. We select companies that offer genuine and respectful experiences.


    Prioritising Quality over Quantity

    We opt for quality, staying away from the crowd. Our tours comply with regulations, guaranteeing a safe and memorable experience.


    Promoting Ecotourism

    We create experiences that respect and enrich our natural spaces. We promote environmental and social responsibility in every adventure.


    Contributing to Sustainable Development

    Through donations, we support projects that preserve our paradise and promote local development.

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